Create Source File

Source File
Source files can be likened to a folder is a place to hold the source code, object results from the compilation of a source. Destinations in for source files one of which is the source or object source to compile the results and can be divided neatly or type of function, in short to help facilitate the search by the deposit of source or object.
Steps to create Source Files are as follows

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CRTSRCPF Type in the command line and press F4, the image will appear as below.

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Files                              : Source file filled with names, for example: QDDSSRC,  
                                        QRPGSRC,  QCLSRC etc.
Library                         : Library is filled with a name naming the library in accordance

                                        with our wishes  
                                        name of the library here for example is filled with names LATIHLIB.
Record Length             : Default
Member, if desired     : default
Text Description       : filled in as information is optional

After all finished press enter, if successful it will appear something like this, "file created in libraries LATIHLIB QDDSSRC.".
As shown picture below.

gambar 4

Once formed, the source file can be in check, by typing in the command line with the syntax
Name WRKOBJ Library / File name immediately below
Then press Enter
As in the example image below.

gambar 5

After the press enter and it will look like the picture below

Gambar 6
for the Indonesian version can be downloaded here or here

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