Create Library at OS/400

Create Library

Inside the AS/400 RPG programming applications will often use the term Library because the library itself does not turn it like a folder in the application of a PC (Personal Computer). Library or sometimes written * LIB itself can be referred to the work area, Karen library can be used as a storage source code and compilation of a source object

Furthermore, we will discuss the steps to make Library on AS/400 machines. Now
Step - step to make Library are as follows:
Signing on to the AS/400 operating system, with user Id and password that is already registered
Type in the command line: CRTLIB then press the F4 key on the keyboard

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Create Library

and then press F4
The contents of variables:

Library: filled with the desired name
Library type: filled with the * TEST or * Prod
ASP number: 1 default
ASP device: * ASP default
Text ’description: description optional
and then press enter


Library has been formed with the message "Library MYLIB created" such as the above picture, in this tutorial is the library name MYLIB

B. Adding libraries in library list

In order for a library that we have can be used, then the library must ditamhakan tersebuty in the list of libraries. To add a library in the library list of the steps it is
a. Type in the command line ADDLIBLE, then press the F4 key

and then press Enter


C. Check the library on library list

Type in the command line EDTLIBL, then hit enter, if successful library MYLIB will appear in the list of libraries.
Press F3 to exit


press enter


and now you have a library and ready to used. for Indonesia version download here or disini. thank’s and wait for more article.

Post Title : Create Library at OS/400

Create Library at OS/400,

Create Library at OS/400

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